Software Development Kanban Game

The game is a simple kanban system simulating a software development situation where there is a backlog of cards which represent stories for development.
The stories are pulled from the "Backlog" into a "Ready" column, then pulled into "Analysis", "Development", "Testing" and finally "deployed".
Each story specifies the amount of work required to process.
The random outcomes by the dice represent the variability of how much work you are able to do each day.
Every day a random number between one and six is used to determine how much work they complete.
There are different colors that represent specialists in each area (Analysts, Developers, Testers). If the member works in its area of specialization this number is doubled.
Charts for "Cumulative Flow Diagram", "Cycle Time" and "Financial chart" will be updated for you as you play and you can follow your progress throughout the game.

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